Helena Bianchi

Peak Performance Architect

Create World-Class

Levels of Energy

From The Inside Out


My name is Helena. 

I am the 

Peak Performance Architect. 

​I am SO delighted that you are here!

I help expansive humans like YOU modify your biochemistry so that healing can take place and World-Class levels of energy produced constantly and effortlessly by your body.

As you are browsing this website, joining me on social media, taking my online courses or participating in my World-Class Peak Performance events you will learn about CRUCIAL steps you must take daily to get truly healthy from the inside out and experience OPTIMAL levels of energy in your daily life.


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I am here for you EVERY step of the way!

Lots of love,



Helena is the Peak Performance Architect™

With all of the sickness, depression, obesity, and low energy taking over our world, to be and stay healthy almost seems impossible.


Helena Bianchi does the impossible every single day by helping people architect a peak performance life so you can feel better and heal yourself naturally.

Helena’s background in biochemistry and cancer research, combined with Holistic Nutrition certification, teaching and public speaking experience, and her relentless passion to making you feel good makes her THE go to resource and mentor for her clients.

It’s almost like having your own personal nutritionist, dermatologist, therapist, doctor, and weight-loss clinic all bundled into one cheerful package.



1. FREE Mini-15min Session ONLINE: health chat with Helena.

2. The Beginner Health Package

3. The Complete Heal Package: Helena will hold your hand and guide you into healing your body from the inside out. 


“I have been burnt out for years and suffered from brain fog, fatigue and stress. I knew it was time to change, I was so prepared for it. And what happened? I joined Helena's program. I’ve been eating and drinking and living my life according to advice from the smartest health coach I’ve met! And she’s fun too!"

-Patricia Erlandson - Founder Digital Strategy

"We started working with an architect... for our bodies. 

3 weeks in, the difference is already VERY substantial. It's magic... well 'magic' by using science. Helena works with my building blocks (at the cellular level) to customize and design to my needs. Yup. I'm getting redesigned :) I highly recommend looking into her."

-Tobin and Sarah Smith - Photobin Photography

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