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I help organizations, elite athletes, and leaders achieve amazing health from the inside out and expand the impact they have in the world.


I do that by creating interactive World-Class health and wellness experiences that will completely immerse your employees and leaders into an effective and sustainable world of healing their bodies at the source and achieving true health and well being.


Be it health talks, lunch and learn series, workshops, 1-1 guidance, or VIP events, I will be there with your organization every step of the way, guiding you into a world of health and vitality. 


When natural abundant energy exudes from body cells naturally, people feel good in their bodies, brains, and minds and then they become unstoppable!


Self-motivation exponentially increases! 


Productivity quadruples.


It is INEVITABLE, when true health is present: Peak Performance ensues in the work place (and every other area of life!)


My goal is to make ‘getting healthy’ fun, simple, effective, and ,especially, sustainable.


I also aim to help employees and leaders make LIFE - WORK integration effortless. 


That’s how getting healthy is meant to feel.


Besides my Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin , years of Cancer Research lab experience, and more than 7 years public speaking and college teaching experience I have spent 20,000 PLUS hours doing the following:


- Attending health talks at major conferences

- Studying and analyzing different health philosophies

- Reading scientific papers

- Listening to podcasts

- Reading blog posts, newsletters, forums.

- Coaching leaders, athletes and professional men and women back to true health and vitality.


Using my knowledge, education and experience, I created an effective and sustainable system to heal the human body from the inside out. 


This system encompasses all realms of health and integrates seamlessly with every area of a person’s life. It is also flexible and can be molded and built upon according to a person’s or group’s individual health needs.

My programs include the best aspect of each current health philosophy and helps employees achieve a sustainable Life-Work Integration. 


I create and design state of the art health and lifestyle routines that revolutionize the way people heal their bodies: they get their vitality back.


Then, I help to implement those health habits and health tools into employees’ lives small steps at a time - the compounding effect is amazing. 


After a few weeks, people feel so much better.


Once a person starts giving the body what it really needs to heal and thrive, it is not unheard of to see diabetes 2 disappear, autoimmune conditions significantly calm down or disappear, and brain disorders such as depression and bi-polar be a thing of the past.


When health is going well employees and leaders have way more focused work hours, get a lot more done in less time, and significantly increase the positive impact they have inside your organization and the world. 


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"As part of our Healthy City programming, Helena delivered a one hour presentation for City of Burnaby staff on “How to Experience World-Class Levels of Energy in your Body Every Day”. The response from staff exceeded our expectations, it was one of our largest turnouts for a Lunchtime Learning session with close to 100 employees in attendance.


The Healthy City Committee was instantly drawn Helena’s enthusiastic personality and impressed with her extensive educational background focused in Science and Health. As a Peak Performance Architect Helena’s knowledge and expertise in this area is evident. Helena was able to use her passion, energy, and charisma to create an immediate connection with the audience.


She is a captivating public speaker and her presentation was the perfect balance of scientific background and easy to follow health tips that could be implemented immediately. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Helena and hope to have the chance to partner with her again in the future." 

-Healthy City Committee, City of Burnaby

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