Be Nice To Yourself

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

We grow up in a society that makes ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’ the picture of success,

with complete disregard to our own personal health and well-being.

We create our whole entire lives on ‘achieving‘ so we can look good to others and so that they can see how amazing we are and, therefore, think we are successful.

But what you must realize is that you are born amazing and that taking really good care of yourself FIRST AND FOREMOST will take you - with The bonus of good health - to all the places and accomplishments you have ever dreamed of.

Taking care of YOU unleashes your clarity for discovering your passions and what you really want to spend your time doing in your life.

Killing yourself in the pursuit of looking productive and successful will take you to declining health very quickly and away from who you really are.


Be nice to you

Rest well

Eat well

Take your supplements

Get out where beautiful things are

Play with people who are fun

Think thoughts that feel good

Watch movies that are uplifting

Create a positive social media stream

Be nice to yourself

Advocate for yourself

Think nice things about yourself.

And finally,

Think nice things about others - decide to focus on their positive aspects and the things you love about them.

This laser focusing on their best will entice them to join their daily life with the best that they have AND will create for you a wonderful vibrational surrounding.

After all, as Abe Hicks says

Your best focus or work in any moment in time is to be advocating your best influence, which means your constant attention in the preparation and maintenance of your vibrational atmosphere.


Have a beautiful day everyone!



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