Consider That Daily Expansion Of Your Mind Will Create Sustainable Health Improvement In Your Body

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

EXPANSION of your mind into different paradigms of health is CRUCIAL if any sustainable health and Peak Performance are to stick in your life.

It’s important to venture out of your current health paradigm, whatever that is, and try something new!

You don’t have to agree with it right off the bat, you don’t even have to agree with it at all!!

But reading and learning that ‘something beyond what you would usually read and learn’ will make a new pathway in your mind and in your brain that can be connected to another concept down the road!! - these could be the missing pieces for your life and health.

This is what it means to connect the dots backwards In your present or future.

The thing is, you can’t get the whole picture and the answer to what’s best for your body if you don’t have enough dots to connect!

You can’t architect a customized Peak Performance plan to optimize your body if you’ve stuck to the same old paradigm and routine for years!

What Does It Look Like To Be Stuck In The Same Paradigm For Years?

Imagine you feel stuck in your daily routine.

You’ve been doing it for years.

You watch your calories,

you go to the gym everyday,

you eat your veggies,

and yet, you have a muffin top and you feel pretty tired most of the time.

You just can’t shake it.

You just can’t understand why that livelihood you used to have is gone.

You don’t have that bounce in your step anymore.

You wake up in the morning,

take a shower,

put on clothes,

style your hair,

have breakfast,

go to work.

You sit at your desk in front of your computer all day.

You get up to go to the bathroom a few times, and have a couple of 15 min breaks when you walk around the office.

You also eat lunch at your office’s cafeteria daily, usually a salad with some protein.

You snack throughout the day out of either the vending machine or the local Starbucks.

You end the work day at 5,

head to the gym,

workout for 1 hour,


pick up dinner on your way home (too tired to cook)


watch tv,

and go to sleep.

“My life is not so unhealthy after all.” you say. “If I can just lower my caloric intake, eat more vegetables, and up my exercise amount, maybe I can have more energy and lose fat around my belly.”

And so, that’s exactly what you do.

You lower your calories and work out for an extra half hour everyday for 3 months.

After 3 months, you feel more tired than ever.

You lost a few inches but you feel less vitality than ever before.

“Why am I so tired?”

“I have been doing everything right! So frustrating! I don't think I can keep up with this.“


This, right here, is the paradigm that you live under and have probably been living under for awhile: to lose fat and have more energy, you think that the 'right' things to do are to exercise more and eat less.


What if that paradigm is not effective?

What if this system of doing things is obsolete?

What if 'what everyone is doing to get healthy‘ is not the most effective way to optimize your health?

Clearly, if this system was effective and sustainable you would have already seen the results of it.

But you keep working on this same obsolete system expecting to get results.

When you don‘t get the results you want, your quality of life and mind and self-confidence decline.

What should you do then?

When Things Are Not Working, It's Time To Expand.

Consider That Daily Expansion Of Your Mind Will Create Sustainable Health Improvement In Your Body

When you are at this place where you have been doing everything in your power, when you have been doing everything you know how to do to get something accomplished in your health (and life!) and it is not working...

When the depression, the pain, the extra fat, the fatigue are screaming loud beyond what you think you have control over...

THIS is the time to expand.

This is when you've GOT to expand in order to improve your life.

There is no other way.

If you don't expand, you begin the inevitable descent into 'getting old in mind and body' and sick really really fast.

To expand at this moment in your life means to get out of your current way of doing things.

It means to get out of your current paradigm (no matter what everybody is doing and no matter what everybody thinks it's the way to do things) and jump into a different paradigm, learn about it, and try something new!

You try something new, then you observe your body and see how it likes that.

You then try something else. Observe that.

Then you peel another layer.

Getting healthy, staying healthy, and achieving peak performance is like peeling an onion.

You expand, you peel a layer, you expand some more, you peel another layer, and so on and on forever.

Every single time you expand, try something new and peel a layer, you unleash a piece of your body's ability to heal you.

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