If Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy Feel Like An Uphill Climb, Your Body Is Not Really Healing.

“But Helena, to get really healthy I have to suffer and feel like I am working really hard! You know, I have to exercise like crazy and feel hungry most of the time!”

No you don’t.

You really don’t.

Yes, to get healthy you must take some actions.

But these actions must be ones that TARGET the source of your health.

For when you target the source of what’s making you unhealthy, you unleash your body’s ability to heal you layer by layer, making it easier to get healthy and stay healthy.

If it feels hard for you, this means you are not giving your body what it needs to thrive. In other words, you are not healing your body at the source- you’re just creating more biological traffic jams.

IMAGINE, you went in to work this morning and someone forgot to take out the garbage from the previous day.

You get there and the garbage is filled to the brim. It contains scraps from people’s lunches, paper, and fast food containers spilling out of it with garbage all around it. It smells and looks really bad.

You see a lavender essential oil spray bottle and spray it all around the area hoping the situation will improve. But it leaves you even more unsatisfied because now, the smell is even worse: garbage smell mixed with essential oils.

What is the only way to make your work environment nice and beautiful and clean again?

To haul away the garbage and take it outside to the dumpster — this is removing the SOURCE of what is causing all the clutter and smell.

THE SAME THING HAPPENS to our bodies and our health.

If you treat the source of what’s making you unhealthy, then your body has a chance to create a healthy environment inside your body for you again.

Your body then has a chance to create an environment that’s conducive to healing.

If you treat the source of what’s making you unhealthy, you unleash your body’s TREMENDOUS ability to heal you layer by layer.

And, therefore, getting healthy and then staying healthy become sustainable and downstream: like a domino fall down!

When you give your body what it needs to thrive, you are healing it at the source.

When you give your body what it needs to thrive, you are targeting the source of what is making you unhealthy.

THEN! And only then, can you LEVERAGE your BODY’s beautiful ability to heal you.

When you give your body what it needs to thrive, you make your body your TEAM member, your partner.

When you give your body what it needs to thrive, you make your body a MAGIC WAND to heal you from the inside out.

Motivating yourself to take random ‘healthy actions’ for months on end is a waste of your time.

Not only will you feel frustrated and defeated months later because your efforts didn’t give you the SUSTAINABLE health results you were expecting, your self-esteem will take a dive into the depths of despair because now, you will blame yourself.

Now, the cause of failure is YOU. You blame yourself for not being motivated enough: when this is absolutely not true.

It is not because you were not motivated enough, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with that.

The reason you failed to get healthy and stay healthy many times, is because you are not targeting the source of what is making you unhealthy.

Exercising like crazy at the gym.

Counting calories.

Not eating enough calories.

Eating low-fat

Shake dieting.

Diet pills.

Weight Watchers.

Jenny Craig.

This and that other diet.

Your doctor’s advice.

The Government’s Food Pyramid.

Juice cleanses once or twice per year.

Taking random supplements.

These in and of themselves, and by themselves, will not help you create health and keep health in a SUSTAINABLE manner. These things are not targeting the source of your health.

Your body is screaming:

“You are doing all these so called ‘healthy things’ and taking all these useless actions but I am not happy. I don’t have what I really need to heal you for good. Not until you give me what I really need, I won’t budge. I will remain clogged. And you will remain frustrated.”

When you treat the source of what is making you unhealthy; when you FOCUS on taking care of your body at the source by giving it what it needs to thrive, the body will take care of the rest for you.

THIS is what I mean when I say that ‘getting healthy’ and ‘staying healthy’ must get easier if you are taking effective health habits.

You ‘flick’ a few ‘health domino pieces,’ or you establish a few crucial ‘healthy habits’ and the body takes care of the rest — like a domino fall down - like the domino effect.

You ‘flick’ a crucial ‘health domino’ piece and 100+ pieces fall down effortlessly and get resolved.

In other words, you establish one crucial healthy action that is going to target the source of your health and give your body what it needs to thrive, and the body will, in turn, take care and solve hundreds of health puzzles inside your body for you.

This is one layer.

Then, you establish another ‘crucial healthy habit,’ the body then unlocks another part of your health puzzle and heals you a little bit more.

This is another layer.

Now, at this layer, things begin to get easier.

You feel it in your bones.

You feel it in your bounce.

Sure, you’re not all healed up yet.

But it’s coming!!

Then, you keep going!

You ‘flick’ another crucial ‘health domino’ piece and the process continues.

Imagine, two, three, 12 months from now!!

Now we are talking!

All these actions you are taking are for real.

All these actions are for good. All these actions are not for nothing. Because now, you’re just going to keep getting healthier.

And the magical part is….you can keep up with all of it EASILY, DAILY, SUSTAINABLY!!

So, what does it mean to heal the body at the source?

Coming up soon.


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