Your health is a massive and amazing experiment: health knowledge by itself cannot heal your body.

Good Morning!

I feel like perhaps the posts on my blog should be like social media posts that are not really on social media but here. Like ‘what’s on my mind’ sort of thing.

If I do that, it will give you a better idea of how I reason to get to some point or insight or solution about health, don’t you think?

Because that’s the eventual point of being here online sharing these health treasures with you.

The point is to share what I know.

But what I know is not just knowledge.

'What I know' includes the insights I have made throughout years and years and years of specific knowledge and experience!

‘What I know’ is the connections between thousands of health information pieces and then the insights made from those connections AND THEN the conclusions made from those connections.

From the conclusions, I create specific and targeted actions to take in order to make a dent in your body’s biochemistry - or, in other words, to flick the ‘right health domino pieces' that will unleash your body’s ability to heal you.

Isn’t that why you would choose to follow me on social media or read my blog?

After all, all the health information you need is out there isn’t it? And, a lot of it is free.

There are millions of ways you can choose to acquire that precious health knowledge.

But to learn it, then filter it for credibility, then make connections to other health knowledge and come up with an effective action step to take for your health, then test it!! That can take years!! That can take a lifetime!!!!

Well, I do all that for you.

So you can try it and see if it works.

My clients have tried it and I have tried it and many others have tried also.

And we keep on experimenting, troubleshooting, optimizing, and creating an amazing effective and sustainable system so that we can live healthy and happy lives with boundless levels of world class energy well into our 150s.

The ‘getting healthy’ and ‘staying healthy’ journey is like working in a biochemistry lab.

Like what I used to do in the lab. I worked for many years in microbiology/biochemistry/cancer research labs, and this is what I used to do every time, for every project I worked on:

  1. Before starting a project, I would learn everything about that subject: background information, what has been done already, what worked and what hasn’t worked.

  2. Create my experiments based on the above knowledge and my hypothesis.

  3. Plan for my experiments: prep supplies, schedule timing, order needed materials not available at the lab.

  4. Perform the experiment once.

  5. Analyze the data. Optimize/troubleshoot the experiment even more based on the first set of data.

  6. Perform the experiment at least 4 more times.

  7. Get all data together, analyze it. Make conclusions. Next steps.

And so, similar to what I used to do in a biochem lab, this is what I do with my clients and this is where what I share with you comes from.

  1. More than 50,000 hours (and counting! Because I never ever stop learning) of knowledge and diverse experiences (not only coaching clients, but years of teaching college students and years of working in a biochemistry/cancer research lab.)

  2. Thousands and thousands hours (and counting!) of knowledge connections and insights made based on the above - I have used to come up with some pretty epic health systems that REALLY WORK. It flicks massively important health domino pieces that begin unleashing such crucial chain reactions in your biochemistry, that your body cannot help but begin healing you.

  3. This effective and sustainable health system is always softly changing and being optimized to fit new credible scientific information and to make ‘getting healthy’ and ‘staying healthy’ massively sustainable.

And so it is with YOUR health.

YOUR health is a massive and amazing and exciting experiment.

You are a health detective. You are your own health CEO.

To actually use all this knowledge and experience properly and see results in your body from these amazing insights, YOU’VE GOT to be willing to expand your mind to health places you have never been before and perhaps didn’t know it even existed!!

If you don’t know what that ‘expansion’ exactly means yet, stick around…and you’ll get a feeling for it sooner rather than later!

Join me on this health adventure.

Join me on this amazing journey of expanding health and vitality.

I will be with you every step of the way.


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