Your Mitochondria Roommates Are Keeping Their Promises Everyday In Your Body. Are You Keeping Yours?

If you follow me on instagram, you have already heard of the mitochondria.

I will always go back to the mitochondria.

This is because the mitochondria are your lifeline,

without their optimal functioning nothing happens.

When you say, "I want to get healthier and have more energy and have more vitality to live a long life,"

what you are really saying is,

"I want my mitochondria to be happy and healthy and multiplying daily like there is no tomorrow!"

This is one of your cells. The red rod looking things are the mitochondria. They need your utmost care and respect if you are to live a long life full of health and vitality.

Your mitochondria roommates are your engine.

They use the food you eat and the oxygen you breathe to make YOU your precious energy in your precious body.

2/3 of this energy is used for housekeeping duties - to keep you alive!

The rest -1/3 - you use to live your life and fulfill your dreams and have fun.

The mitochondria are the only places in the body where oxygen can be combined with the food you eat to make energy and keep your body alive and happy.

"Mitochondria: they are the force. Mitochondria evolved to be the powerhouses, or energy factories, of the cell. They are organelles that act like a cellular digestive system that takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy for the cell." Dr. Lee Know

These roommates you have are Top Notch beings.

There are about ten million billion Top Notch mitochondria beings in your body

According to Dr. Lee Know, by weight, up to 10 percent of the human body is mitochondria!!!

Staggering stats, eh???

It is like we have ten million billion power plants in our bodies.

Mitochondria are electrical bacterial beings living inside us and they mobilize electrons on the way to oxygen molecules (oxygen that you breathe) to make loads of energy for us.

Dr. Jack Kruse explains this beautifully:

"Semiconductor engineers get paid massive amounts of money in Silicon Valley to make sure electrons move across silicon wafers as fast as possible to increase our computing power in computers. Well, evolution did the exact same thing about 2 to 3 billion years ago. Mitochondria allow electrons to dance over their inner membrane to make energy. Animal cells now contain thousands of these power plants in their cells."

Your roommates are pretty picky!!

As they should be.

They are your engine, after all.

They need nothing less than the absolute best available resources and environment to be able to provide you with a lifetime of high levels of world-class energy.

Mitochondria are very small and are shaped perfectly to maximize their hard work.

Your mitochondria roommates are keeping their promises. Are you keeping yours?

HERE is the thing... made a promise.

You made a deal.

You made an agreement with these mitochondria 2-3 billion years ago.

And you are not keeping your side of the deal.

No wonder you feel so tired.

What Did You Promise The Mitochondria?

2-3 billion years ago one of our animal cells engulfed a bacterium (bacterium is for 1. Bacteria for many)

When our animal cell ate a bacterium, instead of killing that bacterium, it allowed it to stay there, take up residence, and evolve to make us energy! - it evolved into our mitochondria.

“This process of trial and error occurred over a mind-boggling expanse of 1.2 billion years, but finally the engulfed bacterium became specialized in energy production (they became the mitochondria) and the rest of this primitive new eukaryotic cell became specialized in structure and function. The acquisition of mitochondria seems to have been the decisive moment in the history of life as we know it. If this is true, then the mitochondria deserve all the credit for the abundance of life on Earth as we know it. If not for the mitochondria, the world would not have evolved beyond single-celled bacteria.” Dr. Lee Know

SO, this is where it all started. If it weren’t for our amazing Mitochondria there would be no amazing world as we know it.

We made an agreement with the mitochondria (bacteria).

This agreement is called endosymbiosis.

This agreement MUST be kept.

To be able to live together in harmony the mitochondria and you MUST keep your side of the agreement you made years ago.

Mitochondria’s job: make you WORLD CLASS TOP NOTCH AMAZING energy to allow you to live - not just a long- but energized and happy disease free life.

YOUR JOB: provide the mitochondria with high quality raw materials and a clear

- non-traffic jammed free of toxins body soup - so that they are able to access those raw materials. PLUS, you must shield your mitochondria from additional toxins, including junk light.

You don’t keep your promise, it all falls apart.

You don't keep your promise, your mitochondria will begin to malfunction as early as your 20s.

You don't keep your promise, you, literally, keep your body open and vulnerable to getting sick in all sorts of ways.

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